Toronto Photography Training with Zack & Jody

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to learn from two of our favorite Photographers, Zack & Jody Gray. Not only did we meet some very talented photographers on the course, but we got to hang out with two of our very good friends, Brad & Danielle from Danielle Tremblay Photography.

Zack & Jody are international photographers that have changed the wedding photography industry in so many ways. Usually there are hundreds of photographers in a class when it comes to learning from international renowned photographers like Zack & Jody. However, this past weekend there were only 10 photographers in the class; which according to Zack, is one of the smallest classes they ever taught to.  I am a huge fan of Zack’s off camera lighting, and we were able to work, learn, and shoot side by side with Zack.

Richelle and I are constantly doing training classes to better ourselves and to be able to better serve our clients, but this weekend is one we won’t forget for a long time to come!


Our group iPhone photo 😉



Some of the images I took on the training course:




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