Bodega Wine Bar & Cellar | Stefani & Gabor | Engagement Photographers

Bodega Wine Bar & Cellar | Stefani & Gabor | Engagement Photographers

I die laughing every time I reminisce about Stefani & Gabor’s funny story of how they met. As Jaques and I were waiting on the edge of our chairs waiting to hear the ‘How We Met Story’, Stefani proceeds to tell us that they met through a mutual friend and she explains: “The funny thing is that we clicked, even though I thought he was a jerk. A cute one, at that!” Gabor’s version is that he was putting his hooks into her so that she wouldn’t forget him, haha. 🙂 It took them a few more months of seeing each other before she officially asked him out for coffee. And the rest, as we say…is history.

Stefani & Gabor wanted a session that captured who they were. They love going out together and wine tasting, so we started the engagement session at a brand new Wine Bar here in Windsor. The Bodega Wine Bar & Cellar gave them the VIP treatment. And since Stefani is Italian, we finished the shoot on Erie Street, which no doubt, was perfect!

Testimonial from the Couple:

“Gabor and I had a great time! We had so much fun and really felt the photos will capture “us”. And of course being on Erie St. was perfect.” – Stefani

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Bodega Wine Bar & Cellar

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